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Trading View: The Master of Technical Analysis

Are you in the world of trading and still don’t know about the world’s most advanced charting tool? Unfortunately, you miss the golden opportunity to analyze the market in your own preferences. But don’t worry; in this article, we will introduce Trading View, the must-have trading tool, along with its features and benefits.

What does Trading View do?

It is a platform that provides you the ability to customize technical indicators, create charts, and analyze financial markets. Those indicators are patterns, lines, and shapes that millions of traders utilize regularly. It is a completely browser-based platform without a need to download a client. However, if you want a mobile experience, you can download their iOS and Android applications.

It was launched in Westerville, Ohio, in 2011 and now has a huge user base, with eight million accounts created in 2020 alone. Users can chart and analyze different stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies with either free or paid accounts. Once you have established strategies and templates, you can post your findings to the community. This way, you can polish your skills with feedback from other users.

Why do Traders and Investors Use this Platform?

Trading view is commonly used for tracking multiple asset prices, socializing, trading in the financial market, and other outstanding things. It can be beneficial for you as a user in the following ways.

  • A robotic charting system.
  • A complete stock and cryptocurrency scanner.
  • A server-slide alerting system to inform when the price of a particular asset changes.
  • A flourishing community where traders and investors can share their trading and investment ideas and experiences.
  • Scripts that can be implemented to generate unique indicators.
  • Broker integration that allows to additional minimum of ten brokers.
  • It provides access to a vast range of global markets.

Key Features Of Trading View

There are multiple ways in which users can utilize this platform to transform their trading experience. It equips traders with a comprehensive range of tools and features created to support market analysis and confirmed decision-making.

  1. Advanced Charts: Users can select from different chart types, including candlestick, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Kagi, and many more. Moreover, it provides multiple time frames and themes, making it easier to analyze price movements and identify patterns. It also enables simultaneous differentiation of multiple assets or time frames with customizable multi-chart layouts.
  2. Technical Indicators: It boasts a wide range of over 100 in-built technical indicators, including Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index, Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, Bollinger Bands, Candle Stick pattern recognition, and many more. These indicators help traders to analyze market conditions and trends.
  3. Drawing Tools: This software program provides a complete suite of drawing tools that allow users to enlighten their charts and execute detailed technical analyses. Some most commonly used tools are trend lines, Fibonacci, retracements, support, and resistance levels.
  4. Trading Alerts: Users can set custom notifications based on price levels, technical indicators, or special events, ensuring they stay notified about important market movements. These types of notifications can be delivered through visual pop-ups, audio signals, email alerts, SMS alerts, and also push notifications sent to a mobile phone.
  5. Financial Analysis: It also provides fundamental tools such as valuation ratios and analysis of financial statements. Furthermore, it offers company historical data, to help traders in fundamental analysis.
  6. Market Data Coverage: It provides comprehensive market data coverage, encompassing forex, stocks, commodities, etc.
  7. Pine Script: It allows users to design their own indicators, strategies, and alerts using their own Pine Script programming language.

Benefits of Using Trading View Social Community

This platform offers traders a unique opportunity to join a flourishing community of like-minded people all over the world to learn from each other. It also provides the ability to share ideas and collaborate with other users. Here, we have shared what you will do in the social community of this platform.

  1. Share Trading Ideas: Trading ideas is the heart of its social networking aspect. Here, you can find and share trading strategies, tactics, and analysis with the worldwide community of traders. Explore through ideas published by others and comments, and also engage in discussions to learn from their experiences and perspectives.
  2. Follow Users: You can identify experienced traders whose ideas match with you and follow them. By doing this, you will get notified whenever they share a new post, allowing you to learn from their insights and implement their strategies in your trading performance.
  3. Video Streams: It also supports live video streams where other traders share their markets, insights, analyses, and strategies in real-time. These streams give an interactive learning experience and allow users to ask questions and discuss topics with the streamer.
  4. Chat Forum: Users can engage in real-time discussions with other traders with the chat feature. Join specific topic chat rooms or create your own to talk about market trends, news, and analysis with fellow traders.

Is Trading View a Trading Platform?

It is a social trading website where traders can share forecasts and signals, create content for discussion, or talk about the markets. The platform was built from the ground up with inputs from professional traders. However, the aim behind creating this platform is the best possible trading experience.

Among its features are extensive charting tools, real-time data, technical indicators, chart patterns, news feeds, global market coverage, and different languages. It is also compatible with many exchanges that provide a vast range of assets for investment.


How can I trade on this platform?

For trading, you can connect your preferred brokerage account with the trading panel of this platform. , It allows you to execute trades directly from the charts.

Is Trading View a free platform?

This platform provides basic free services but also offers a paid subscription plan with additional features and benefits.

How many users use this platform?

More than 50 million traders and investors use this platform globally to identify trading opportunities in a huge variety of assets.

Wrapping Up

In this Trading view guide, we have shared the most powerful and versatile platform that provides a vast range of features and benefits for traders and investors of all levels. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader

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